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Trump's Final Report Card

Net job loss in Trump's term, the first President in 80 years to have created no jobs at all despite $1.7T in tax breaks to stimulate the economy >80% of which went to the very wealthy and corporations. 

Net drop in quarterly GDP. 

Betrayed our Kurdish allies in Syria, ensuring victory for the Assad regime and securing it within the Russian sphere of influence.

Betrayed the Palestinian Authority and abandoned any pretense at being an honest broker in peace negotiations. 

Backed out of the Paris Climate Accord, the TPP, The Open Skies Treaty, the Iran Nuclear Arms Control Agreement,

Installed a foreign agent as his National Security Advisor and pardoned him before he was sentenced. 

Pardoned all of his crooked campaign staffers and advisors including that rat Roger Stone.

Downplayed Covid 19 as just the flu, said it would go away when the weather got warmer, refused to wear a mask, held rallies that became super-spreader events, resulting in 389,000 deaths due to Covid 19 with approximately 4k more dying every day now.

Tried to take credit for a vaccine that was created by a company that didn't participate in his Operation Warp Speed, hasn't been able to deliver even half of the number of doses he promised.

Told more lies than any past POTUS by an order of magnitude, including the Big Lie that he won the election, impeached twice, incited a seditious mob that attacked the US Capitol and threatened to lynch his own VP and Congressional leadership

Never produced a health care plan, the additional 10% middle class tax cut he promised during the midterm election, didn't build the border wall he promised, Mexico didn't pay for it and he stole money from other departments to build the pitiful few miles of wall he replaced.

Lined his pockets with tax dollars, obstructed justice more times than Dick Nixon, engaged in rampant nepotism installing his unqualified daughter and son in law on the WH staff and handed out jobs to his cronies relatives, pocketed campaign donations, paid off porn stars, paid $25M to settle suits by students he defrauded with his "Trump University"

His personal charitable foundation was shut down for engaging in self dealing

Outright fraud and illegal campaign contributions and his worthless son in law helped MBS with PR after MBS ordered the murder and dismemberment of a US resident journalist

Accomplishments?  Taking credit for two countries that weren't even in a cold war with Israel signing a "peace deal" that his administration didn't broker.

Final Grade: F-

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