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New visual studio 2022 features?

Cool, this is an awesome feature! However, I've been using "real' visual studio for almost 20 years. And really struggling with the lack of anything visual with it. I keep trying to understand what people mean when they say it's not an ide. I'm sorta old. I grew up in the dos days. [Technically C64 days].) I'm used to typing in complex commands. I once wrote a bbs from scratch in turbo pascal. I'm used to typing in complex commands. In the old days, (you'd grab yer fiddle and dosey doe. Er, umm...)I learned a pure text way of life. But I learned visual studio VISUALLY. Maybe I'm lame but I'm used to visual studio doing a lot of boilerplate for me. Stuff that would take a few seconds of submenu clicking, then on to the actual task I need to complete. Instead with vscore I spend all this time searching, reading, trying, getting frustrated, then going back to regular vs 2019 pro and getting to work. A good editor, but it's about Damn time for a Linux version of the real visual studio!

// wdf did i just read?

// yes, yes you did. Now explain yourself you damned human, muahaha

// wdfdijr?


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