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The New World Order really cares about your teeth?

We are being Chemically Manipulated by the United Nations New World Order !!!


Only a Minority of Developed Countries Fluoridate Their Populations.

    Despite the "impressive list of health, dental and regulatory organizations", listed by the American Dental Association (which is a trade union to which some, but not all, dentists belong) as supporting "fluoridation" , it might come as a surprise to many people that only A MINORITY OF DEVELOPED COUNTRIES fluoridate public drinking water. In fact, most European countries have BANNED fluoridation or GIVEN IT UP.

    Belgium, West Germany and Sweden have abandoned their pilot fluoridation experiments on human populations and are not fluoridating any public water supplies. Sweden, Denmark and Holland have BANNED fluoridation outright. Many other countries, such as France, Italy and Norway have NEVER fluoridated their water. In fact only 2% of the total population of Europe is living in a fluoridated area. In other words, THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE MAJORITY OF DEVELOPED COUNTRIES HAVE NOT BEEN "CONVINCED" BY THE FRAUDULENT ARGUMENTS AND OUTRIGHT PROPAGANDA which the World Health Organization, the U.S. Public Health Service and the ADA promote as being "incontrovertible." ONE HALF OF THE FLUORIDATED POPULATION ON THE PLANET LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES.

Presence of Fluoridation "Coincidental" with Repression and Racial Tyranny

    When you consider that the part of the brain most affected by the fluoride ion is the Hippocampus, and that the Hippocampus is heavily involved in decision-making, motivation and ability to "challenge" threats (or for that matter tyranny), thus inducing compliance with "authority", it is no surprise that in the United States, all military bases and Indian Reservations are heavily fluoridated, and in another fluoridated country, Australia, all aboriginal water supplies are heavily fluoridated, it becomes quite apparent that fluoridation is "coincidentally" used in programs of racial suppression.

    When you consider that the free-thinking United States is the greatest threat to New World Order Global Socialism, it is no surprise that the US is the most heavily fluoridated (62%) country on the PLANET. In fact, anywhere where tyranny reigns, fluoridation is "public policy". Now, is this just "blind coincidence", or just chance? Is it any wonder that uppermost in the minds of the German General Staff during World War II, when conquering a country, was to fluoridate the public water supply? Now, why would they want to make that a priority? To "protect the teeth of the population"? I don’t think so, especially when you consider all the scientific evidence that indicates that fluoride ions make the teeth more susceptible to decay, brittle and pitted. Yes, folks, we’ve been LIED to for some fifty-odd years about the whole paradigm. Pure science and unbiased science is unchallengeable. Stupidity and propaganda is not. Join the American Resistance, Igniting a Revolution against a Criminal Dictatorship.
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- Flouride references [Read 1672]
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