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Windows 11: Quickest Way to Open Task Manager

So, not understanding why (Nor do I agree that) they did it, but they removed the whole right-click menu from the Task Manager in Windows 11. Which was always the way I've opened Task Manager since Windows NT.

So I had to look around and find out how to open it. First thing I did was just search for Task Manager in the Start Menu, then I right-clicked it and selected "Pin to Taskbar". But it still seems odd, so I kept looking.

Finally found something that I did not know about in previous versions of Windows (So I don't know how far back this trick goes, but I have tried it with success on both Windows 10 and Windows 11): Just use the CTRL-SHIFT-ESC key combo shortcut to have Task Manager show up!

I now have to train my hands to get used to it.

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