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Use Notepad++ to turn words and phrases into CamelCase

For lowerCamelCase :

SEARCH = (?-is)([a-zA-Z])([a-zA-Z]+)|(\b|_)[a-zA-Z](\b|_)|[^a-zA-Z\r\n]+ and REPLACE = \u\1\L\2

then : SEARCH = (?-is)([A-Z][a-z]+){2,} REPLACE = \l$0

BEFORE Hey everyone - We all need to get together and see if we can come up with a solution to make sure we can't experience this so-called "problem" again. (THIS MEANS YOU 123BOB!!)

AFTER heyEveryoneWeAllNeedToGetTogetherAndSeeIfWeCanComeUpWithASolutionToMakeSureWeCantExperienceThisSoCalledProblemAgainThisMeansYou123Bob

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