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Okay story's not sure how funy they are here we go. These are all from one campaign.
1) We had just spent an hour climbing down a rope ladder into a hidden temple. After wandering around for awhile we realised there was only two way's out one leading
to the ruler of the dungeon, the other back up the rope ladder. We decided to try and climb back up the rope ladder as 1st level chars with one wearing full plate. We made it almost to the top. When one of us failed his climbing check fell onto the guy wearing plate and knocking him all the way down again. The guy in plate was killed resurected by a passing cleric as a fire giant and then when the ruler did turn up he offered us anything in his power as a reward for making it this far. The new fire giant promptly wished for imortality and it was granted.

2) We were travelling along coastline our group spots a wyvern flying in from out to sea. The others run and hide in the trees. I was feeling pretty confident sinced I'd recently aquired a sun rod which could disintegrate anything once a day. (This was my first DnD game). I told the wyvern to leave or die. It kept coming I used the sun rod to kill it. The DM at this point said "You do remember its mate coming in from the other direction well now it looks mad." My monk then had to fight it with her quarterstaff till the fire giant finally decided to give me a hand. His one hit managed to finish it off since we'd been pounding away at each other for about 5 minutes.

3) I had received a gift from a dragon earlier allowing me to change my form. We had split up our party and I was alone with the fire giant. A group of worgs appeared. I'd had only a few days to recover from the Wyvern with no healing potions. I used the dragons gift to turn into a worg. Another player asked if I was still female. I suddenly realised I had a male worg studying me intently. After due consideration I decided I'd rather be a human at that point. The worg deciding I wasn't part of his pack attacked me. I was shortly on 0 hit points and used my last action to change back. The fire giant was also pretty badly hurt by this point he grabed me and failing his intelligence check ran into the sea. Where the worgs didn't follow us. If we'd only gone in earlier.

4) I do hope you read this far since this is my personal favorite. I'd bought myself a white cat as our DM had decided we needed to build a bond with an animal to get a familiar (MY first game I didn't realise multiclassing needed to be carefully planned and the DM didn't mention it). The cat was a problem from the start right after I paid 7 GP for it, it ran off and I had to chase it all around the town over rooftops and through buildings with another player making fun of me and telling me to give up. I finally caught and we travelled on for a couple of day's with the cat continually running off and me chasing it and getting teased by the other player. In the middle of a forest on a day when the two who hadn't been teasing me couldn't make it we saw a house and decided to see who lived there. It turned out to be a litch who owned as it were the worg pack who we ran into earlier. The worgs came chargin out after us and we ran. The DM rolled his dice to decide who'd get it. We didn't know who so we kept running. The worgs run after us, up to us, past us and we heard a horrible yowling as they tore apart the cat and ignored us. In that case curiosity really had killed the cat.

5) Finally we were passing through a realm (kingdom) ruled by vampires they said they'd let us through if one of us gave blood as it would be a delicacy. I being a noble honourable and brave monk who incidently was a female virgin promptly got nominated by the other party members who were all male to do it alone. I entered the vampires city presented myself and had my blood drained into a GIANT syringe. Feeling rather woozy I proceded to what looked like an inn it wasn't. The noble inside informed I'd been had and they would send someone along to retrieve my blood from the person who wasn't supposed to taken it. However seeing as there was no gurantee (sp) they'd recover it I needed to give blood again into another GIANT syringe. By the time I got out of that city my constitution was temporarily on 1.

Sorry about the length. Look on the bright side it was originally twice as long I kept the other stuff for posting later.
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