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OK, the new version is finally playable (!!), but there's still some stuff to finish. Online (and offliine) battles are working great. Come play it today!

Still need to add more weapons, armor, and monsters. (And graphics, oh I need graphics, it's kind of plain looking at this point!)


Warning: It does not use your MessageBase account as of yet, so you'll have to create a separate account. (Even if it's the same id and password, they just don't talk yet.) And the registration process is pretty hinky. (Basically sign up, and then you'll get to a place where you're not sure what to do next. At that point, close your browser and re-open it, then it will work for you.) Once I get MessageBase rewritten, then will be able to link the two. (ROTFOH is using a newer .NET (Core) codebase and MessageBase is still in older .NET Framework, so the login data is not sharable.)

Here's the new link:

Let me know here in this forum if you run into any issues. I'm excited!

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