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Fun with ChatGPT

Come up with the most ridiculous prompts to get the most ridiculous answers. 


"write a news article, lump the whole story into one paragraph,  use run-on sentences, don't use correct punctuation, and do write random news headlines in between sentences"


In today's economy boom tech giants are stumbling as the market reacts unpredictably meanwhile in the city park, a local man heroically saves a duckling from a storm drain, his dog barking encouragement from the sidelines, giant panda no longer endangered says latest wildlife report, speaking of wildlife, the community garden is flourishing with the recent unseasonable warm weather causing tomatoes to appear overnight like red lanterns, the mayor's new initiative to increase public transport has been met with mixed reviews as some locals feel the charm of the town is in its walkability, space hotel plans unveiled excitement is astronomical, on the other side of town Mrs. Thompson's infamous lemon meringue pie won first prize at the county fair for the third year running, the judges say it's unbeatable, however the local baseball team would disagree claiming their team spirit is, the high school drama club's rendition of "Grease" is set to open next weekend with handmade costumes and a rebuilt '50s convertible they hope to draw a record crowd, climate change continues to dominate political debates with recent talks ending in a dramatic walkout, record sales increase, vinyl is spinning back into fashion, experts are baffled by the sudden rise in antique typewriters, apparently, the clickety-clack is back, and finally, the city council approves plans for a new bridge after years of back and forth, the architecture is said to be inspired by the wings of a butterfly, which coincidentally is the theme of this year's flower festival.

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