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AI Replacement for Neil Peart?

An AI came up with this, taking info about the current writer's strike and writing about in in the style of Rush's The Trees. Very interesting read!

 In the heart of the guild hall
 Tension rises, stakes are high
 For the screenwriters fight for justice
 But a new force takes the sky
 The trouble with the writers
 And they're quite convinced they're right
 They say the studios exploit them
 And they hold their future tight
 But the studios found a secret
 A solution so profound
 AI's pen, it weaves a story
 Without a human writer's sound
 There is panic in the guild hall
 As the words begin to fade
 For the AI's growing stronger
 And the writers feel betrayed
 So the writers formed a union
 And they fought with all their might
 "The AI's cold and soulless We will make them see the light"
 But the battle, it was fruitless
 For technology had won
 And the screenplays turned to code
 By algorithm, not by hand's spun
 The guild hall now sits silent
 As the writers mourn their fate
 For the AI took their places
 And their fight came far too late In the end,
 the guild was vanquished
 By a force they could not sway
 And the stories live on,
 scripted By the AI's endless play

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