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The Dollar Bet

A friend of mine and I went on a summertime motorcycle camping trip to south Texas. As we pulled in, people were laughing at us for packing a cheap box fan and a 100-foot extension cord.

Later that afternoon, we hit the beer store, and held court at a lone, shaded picnic table, the box fan positioned at the end of the table, providing a cool breeze for us. Eventually, people realized we were the smart ones, and they began to occupy the empty places at the table. As one person left, another would quickly take their place

A husband and wife eventually joined us, and as more beer was consumed, the jokes and stories got a bit more adult in nature. Unfazed, the couple continued to share our company. My friend, who drank beer at a considerably faster pace than me, suddenly looks at the guy's wife, and says, "I'll bet you a dollar I can make your titties shake, and not even touch them!"

She is intrigued by this bet, and agrees to it. My friend leans towards her, places his fingers on his temples, and pretends to concentrate, like a psychic would, when trying to telepathically move an object. After about 30 seconds, he reaches across the table, grabs here boobs, shakes them around, and blurts out, "Oh hell, it's only a dollar!"

First she was mad, then embarrassed, then started laughing, because she knew she'd been had. Her husband was dying laughing, as were everyone else at the table.

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