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Unicenter monitor to listen on more than one NIC?

It sounds insane, Unicenter TNG being an enterprise-class monitoring product, but I have been told that you cannot get a single Unicenter monitoring server to listen on more than one network card.

Where I work we need to listen on two separate, isolated subnets. There are two NICs in the Unicenter server, but it is only listening on one of them. The Unicenter admin group at my company seems to be somewhat inexperienced with the product, and told me that there is no way to get it to listen on more than one card, and to change which card it listens to requires a full reinstall. Sounds like laziness to me, but I am completely inexperienced with it, so I cannot call bullshit on them. I've been looking around the net for information, but so far haven't found anything definitive either way.

I need to get machines I am responsible for on both networks to be monitored, and having to use a separate server for each network seems ridiculous, like some kind of archaic pile. If it really cannot do this, I will be most surprised.

If anyone here is familiar with Unicenter TNG, can you help out: Is only one card possible? If multiples are possible, then how to set that up?

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