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RE: NSI still using FUD against ICANN

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I agree, this all seems like NSI wants ALL the pie. I think they'd better consider their opinion on this. They need to realize that their first day in the sun is over. There are now other kids to play with. They have to either learn to share or have this be their LAST (or only) day in the sun.

Pretty soon, either the government is going to get pissed off at them and take it ALL away from them for leveraging their monopoly so intensely that they completely take it away from them, or they will do something way stupid, causing the DNS system to temporarily fail - thus knocking out the Internet, and then EVERYBODY is going to be pissed at them and then the government is going to get pissed off at them and take it ALL away from them for leveraging their monopoly so intensely that no one else was able to compete: therefore they will be the only one to blame for a wide-spread Internet failure. Then they will get sued out of existence by the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, E-Bay, Wal-Mart, and every other E-Commerce site out there that stands to lose millions (or even billions!) from an nDay Internet failure.

They need to realize that there is definitely safety in numbers in this case. If they screw up, they knock the entire WORLD offline! They need to realize that from now on, their sun is not as bright as it once was, but if they play their cards even partially right they will remain the domainant domain registrar, and re-brightening their own sun! But, as long as they remain obstinate and arrogant, they wiull eventually corrupt their own future.

The coolest thing about this is watching Esther Dyson, Interim Chairman of ICANN, calmly and fairly reply to all these FUD-ish accusations. She always answers calmly and professionally and goes into extreme detail as to why their questions are so tweaked. I think I would be using four letter words by now, but she remains nice and reserved to all of it. It's my opinion, just from watching the way the two sides are handling this, that ICANN will definitely win out (big time!) against NSI. It will be funny to watch NSI dig their own hole! :)
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