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The wife of an avid golfer becomes ill and has to spend a couple of days in the
hospital. Her husband decides to clean the house as a surprise to his wife of
40 years before she returns home.

While cleaning out the hall closet the husband comes across a shoebox
containing 4 golf balls and 158 dollars in 1 dollar bills. The man is puzzled
and can't think of any explanation for the contents of the shoebox.

The next day, after the man has kissed his wife and welcomed her back to the
surprise of the clean house, He tells her about the strange box filled with 4
golf balls and 158 one dollar bills he had found in the hall closet.

The wife laughs and tells her husband that everyday for the past 40 years you
and I have played a round of golf ended up at the 19th hole for drinks and then
came home and made love. Every time we made love and you did not satisfy me I
would put a golf ball in this box to remember the night.

The husband smiles and broadens his shoulders thinking that in 40 years there
were only 4 times that he made love to his wife and did't satisfy her. The
husband feeling turned on by this thought picks up his wife and carries her
into the bedroom and makes wild passionate love to her all night.

The next morning while laying in bed with his wife the man remembers the money
and asks his wife "so what were the 158 dollars in 1 dollar bills for?" the
wife looks over at her husband and says" Well honey " every time I would
collect a dozen balls in the box I would take them down to the course and sell
them for a buck a dozen."
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