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WebHack finally works for Netscape users!

I finally found the (almost embarrassingly obvious) magic line of code to make WebHack work correctly with Netscape!

Previously, whenever you moved from room to room while using netscape, the browser would cache the room display info, so the display would stay the same and the exists would stop working. The only way to play it under Netscape was to hit the Reload button every time you moved to a new room.

If you view source now, you will see the first line with the mysterious "pragma:NoCache" in it. That causes the browser to not cache the information. I had previously been trying to do this with either the ASP code or by a setting in IIS that supposedly should set all content to expire immediately. This worked fine for Internet Explorer, but it seems that it is a Microsoft-centric thing that is ignored by all other browsers.

Now I just have to find out what the trick is for the Opera Browser which is still not working. There's gotta be a way, I just have to find it.

Anyway, some definite good news! :)
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