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Taxes are getting outrageous

Hell yah!  Why ARE we having to pay to keep the weak and lazy going? I've paid more than $200,000 in taxes the last five years and I'm a high school dropout. I've worked extremely hard and have educated myself and built an excellent career with no handouts from anyone, but I'm now required to pay milk money to a bunch of lazy couch potatoes and scammers.

Not that I would accept it, or need it, but I think I'm more entitled to welfare money since I got off my butt and got it together, rather than milking the system the rest of my life, whining about my life situation and playing the victim. Wouldn't you rather give me your money than some fat lazy slob who doesn't try? (Don't worry, I don't want your money :) ) But there should almost be a bonus prize for people who get their excrement coherently arranged. (Sorry, it wouldn't take the more common euphemism.)

On a bit of a tangent: We're supposed to be a bible-based country. God only wants 10%, does our government think that it's better than God? Where's it get off taking more than 10%?

Where I'm at, it comes out that I pay so many taxes that I work nearly every third year for free. Think about that, even at 25% tax, you still work an entire year out of every four, for FREE. That ain't right!

It's like reverse Darwinism, the lamer and more lazy you are, the more likely you are to have money given to you for doing nothing. I say we cut the rope on the "profession" of being a permanent do-nothing welfare recipient and get back to normal evolution in action - if you can't survive, too bad, that's life. Adapt or die. Sure, we should have a temporary safety net type thing set up, hard working people have bad things happen sometime. But it should be set up as a temporary, get it together thing, rather than something a lazy scammer can milk for life.
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