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Whats the camel for?

A Sergeant in the US army gets transferred to a middle of nowhere desert outpost. When he arrives, the Captain tells him to put his bags in the barracks and report for duty. As the Sergeant walks up to the barracks he sees an old, seedy looking camel tied out back. Hes asks what its use is for. The Captain says that since they are, after all, in the middle of nowhere, the men get sexually frustrated. The sergeant cuts him off midsentence and says he knows what they guy is talking about. One night...the sergeant is finding him self in the throws of sexual tension and yells "BRING IN THE CAMEL" the captain does so and the sergeant stands on a chair and has furious sex with this camel. When he's finished that sergeant asks "Is that how the enlisted men do it?" And the Captain replies... "No sir, they usually just ride it into town."
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