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Verisign SSL Certificate registration reply

Dear VeriSign Customer,

VeriSign is a bunch of morons. We apologize for the continued idiocy of our system. While we understand that your business is serious to you, we still will not get off our fat butts and actually have a real person verify this information. While there are thousands of companies that own other companies, and this can be easily verified by checking the incorporation records of the state in which your articles of incorporation are file, we instead choose only to verify this by accessing the rather vague and often fraudulent information provided by the Internic directory service.

Thank you for continuing the effort to repeatly waste your time. Your call is very important to us, please hold the line while we sneak outside to enjoy a nice rock of crack.

At any time, feel free to utilize the services of our competitors, such as AT&T Certificate Services or Thawte Communications.

Thank you,

VeriSign, Inc.
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