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Insultor for the Pocket PC

I just got done writing a bizaare, but funny program for the Pocket PC that generates over SIX BILLION insults:

It will some up with insane insults like:
  • May the political shadow of shit make a malt in your unshaven face.
  • May the high-strung wraith of masturbation defecate in your car.
  • May the reticulated inventor of perversion ride a pony in your garbage.
  • May the horror-stricken prophet of fate take the day off in your street gutter.
  • May the obese king of stink invoke a curse in your anus.
  • May the counterintelligent escort of stench urinate in your stinky ass.
  • May the cantankerous simpleton of pestilence vomit profusely in your city.
  • May the drug dealing madman of the shits commit suicide in your filthy, stinking toilet.
  • May the problematic chowderhead of unreality ride a pogo stick in your imagination.
  • May the ambidextrous hominid of purposelessness sacrifice a rat in your bedroom.
  • May the obsequious executioner of drunken stupor urinate in your lunch.
  • May the first-class louse of your mother-in-law burn a cake in your garage.
  • May the cantankerous drone of drug-induced coma take a shit in your kitchen.

    Go to to get it.
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