The Most Important Quiz in the World
Posted: 4/22/2018 11:47:21 AM
By: Comfortably Anonymous
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Topic: Weird stuff

Answer each of the following items "true" or "false"

  1. I think beavers work too hard.
  2. I use shoe polish to excess.
  3. God is love.
  4. I like mannish children.
  5. I have always been disturbed by the sight of Lincoln's ears.
  6. I always let people get ahead of me at swimming pools.
  7. Most of the time I go to sleep without saying goodbye.
  8. I am not afraid of picking up door knobs.
  9. believe I smell as good as most people.
  10. Frantic screams make me nervous.
  11. It's hard for me to say the right thing when I find myself in a room full of mice.
  12. I would never tell my nickname in a crisis.
  13. A wide necktie is a sign of disease.
  14. As a child I was deprived of licorice.
  15. I would never shake hands with a gardener.
  16. My eyes are always cold.
  17. Cousins are not to be trusted.
  18. When I look down from a high spot, I want to spit.
  19. I am never startled by a fish.
  20. I have never gone to pieces over the weekend.
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