The Truth about Cell Phone Towers
Posted: 3/25/2019 1:36:23 PM
By: Comfortably Anonymous
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We've been fighting a secret battle against an inter-dimensional race called the Morelox. They discovered Earth on December 7 1942. A lot of people think it was the Japanese that attacked Pearl Harbor, that was just a cover story, it was actually the arrival of the Morelox.

We finally gained the upper hand on July 9 1962 during operation Starfish Prime when we detonated an atomic bomb above Hawaii and reversed most of their portal. (Google Starfish Prime if you don't believe me). Combined with the British development of radar and microwaves (google microwave ovens) we've managed to keep them from taking over the planet. There have been many casualties on both sides.

What we think are cell towers are actually man-made vortex traps set for the Morelox. They've now adapted to the 4G grid and now we have little time to roll out the 5G protection network. The metal fence on the southern border isn't actually a fence, we desperately needed as a transmitting antenna that's 30 foot high and 1100 miles long for what's essentially a force field, that's how they're able to tap into the Pentagon's budget. We're hoping that's the final solution.

I'm so sorry to tell you, those who get cancer are just the victims of war but we can't stop now or all is lost.....


I maybe I told you the truth earlier.

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