Wild Frontiers 1888 - Now Live!
Posted: 10/13/2022 9:03:11 PM
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Finally, after way too many years (decades actually!) I finally feel that the game is ready for public usage.

Still counting it as "beta" quality, and have many ideas for things to be added, but it's playable and looks "alright" both in desktop and mobile perspectives.

What is it? Basically you are exploring frontier Nebraska back in 1888. Take your horse-drawn wagon and go from township to township, buying and selling commodities at tradeposts scattered throughout the state. (And when I say scattered, I mean scattered - a monster EF6 tornado has rearranged the state to the point that even actual Nebraskans will find that towns and roads are not where you would expect them.)

Saddle up your horse and check it out at https://messagebase.net/WildFrontiers/ !!

Also see the new MessageBase topic dedicated to WildFrontiers!

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