MessageBase 6
Posted: 12/21/2023 9:55:07 AM
By: PrintableKanjiEmblem
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Topic: MessageBase Code Development

Currently about a year into converting MessageBase codebase to Blazor and .NET 8.

Originally rewrote it in .NET 7 and it was working great, just doing final bug checking and testing, then .NET 8 introduced many architectural changes and it's set me way back. Had hoped to switch over by end of 2023. But as you can see, that's about over (Or over where you are, dates are set to your local time zone here.) so not gonna happen...

But once it's done, can release the "door games" Raid on the Forest of Horrors and Wild Frontiers 1888! Raid (ROTFOH2 is a Blazor-based rewrite of my old ROTFOH/Raid on the Forest of Horrors game that was somewhat popular about 20 years ago. Just some adaptations to both to syn with .NET 8 and ready to fly.

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