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Posted At: 7/6/2021 3:13:52 PM
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Why should you care? Well... Because they can and will be taking away your ability to go to the lawn and garden division and save money.  This is already trickling down into smaller products from other tractors to your cell phones (See apple).  John Deere has argued in court (successfully) that when you buy the machine, you're not buying the machine itself, you're buying an "implied license"..... for $800K+.So you want to resell the machine?  Sure someone can buy the piece of equipment, but it doesn't mean it will work.  New owner now needs to buy the implied license from John Deere.  So the piece of equipment you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on has no resale value for the original person that spent the money.As far as how this effects the repair aspect of it, it's a big deal and huge problem.  Absolutely every part of the machine is now connected to the computer.  Which means  that it is now a "software" repair, not a hardware repair, which means that every part of the machine is a trade secret, including the tools to repair them.  So you can't get schematics and everything from the tools (even if they're not powered in any way) to the schematics are DRM protected.  So if you somehow get your hands on one and are not licensed to have it, you have now broken federal law.You have a part that you don't even use that is an optional upgrade that has an issue? ...